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Harrison Chiropractic - Lose 20lbs to 40lbs Guaranteed

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Harrison Chiropractic - Lose 20lbs to 40lbs Guaranteed

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ZYTO technology relies upon an array of bio-communication principles and concepts that provide users with deeper insight and information when making decisions related to health and wellness. Weight loss occurs in response to changes in diet and/or activity levels. Our weight loss program is second to none and accounts for nearly every factor for fat burning, fat storage and fat metabolism. The human body contains three types of fat; structural fat, normal fat and abnormal fat. Lose 20 - 40 lbs in 40 days...GUARANTEED! Structural fat resides around joints and organs to provide protection and support. Normal or essential fat that is distributed throughout the body and used as a day to day source of energy. Abnormal or non-essential fat is the obesity causing fat that tends to accumulate around the hips, thighs, waist, stomach, buttocks, behind the upper arms, upper chest, and the back or neck area. These fat reserves are not released during normal diet and exercise and are usually released during severe or long term starvation. Obesity is nearly always accompanied by hormone imbalance, a depressed metabolism and constant state of hunger, which often include intense cravings. People that diet often gain weight while on the diet and/or are unable to keep the weight off because they are on a diet that which is calorically deficient for your basic needs. We use the ZYTO scan as a tool to find your body’s biological preferences as well as address your personalized stressors and balancers. We are able to ask the body what it wants and it is able to answer. This allows us to customize your weight loss program based on your personal needs while keeping your body in constant fat burning. We follow Dr. Simeon’s HCG diet protocol, which is a doctor supervised and supported low calorie program. You get customized weight loss, energy and detox formulas as well as supporting products needed by your body to not only lose but to also maintain weight loss goals by resetting your metabolism and hypothalamus. We use the best homeopathic and nutritional products available to promote not only healthy weight loss but also your individual optimal health. They are designed to help overcome common dietary pitfalls. Other factors such as; age, sex, eating habits, etc. are taken in to consideration when products are recommended as added support. • It is totally personalized and customized utilizing ZYTO technology. The scan allows us to understand what your body's biological preferences are, as well as your stressors and balancers. Every factor that affects weight gain including metabolism, fat burning, fat storage, appetite, microbes, detoxification and hormonal regulation is carefully tested and controlled for success. • Every program is personalized and “tailored” for your unique needs and body chemistry. • It is doctor supervised and supported • Utilizing ZYTO technology, we can find and correct the cause of your weight gain. Because of the technology, the weight loss is safe, easy and effective. • Limited exercise needed • No hunger and NO cravings • Targets the abnormal fat that you want to lose • Resets your weight set point, so you don’t gain the weight back • Increases and resets your metabolism • Uses real food – no prepackaged foods


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2870 East Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, MI
Phone: 616-363-0902

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